These 10 5x7" paintings are up for auction ..

At the end of the week - the highest bidder will be notified and contacted.

In the case the winner is unable to fulfill their commitment, the next highest bidder will be notified.

You may place your bids on the online Facebook Auction:

or by contacting with your bid if you do not have Facebook.

Bids in increments of $2 or more..

Elizabeth Bard      001

Debbie Richinson      043

Highest bid:
Highest bid:
Jane Hutton      027
          Kathie Hopkins      003
 Highest bid: Highest bid:
Sheila Mitchell      012
Rosemary Scully      045
  Highest bid: Highest bid:
Claire O'Gorman      041
Donna Adams      084
   Highest bid:   Highest bid:
Carolyn Martin      014
Sheryne Tavender      131
    Highest bid:    Highest bid: