About the Artist:  Eric Kohlfust (Magoo)

Eric is a 25-year-old artist living in Georgetown Ontario. He begin painting when he was in his early 20’s; not that he expressed an interest but was placed in an environment that encouraged him to experiment freely. Eric is a man of a few words yet his presence and smile can brighten up a room. Eric's artwork is a challenge to the senses.  His use of bright colours tends to jump off the canvas. Eric paints directly from the heart and when he channels his inner vision - his beautiful mind is revealed. Stepping away from abstract for a bit Eric, has been experimenting with painting animals in capturing intense feelings through their eyes. 

Follow him on Instagram @Magoo_paints.

If we force open a flower, all the beauty and fragrance will be destroyed. Be patient and allow things to happen in their own natural time. -Amma

May the world be kind to you, and may your own thoughts be gentle upon yourself. 

- Jonathan Lockwood Huie