About the Artist:  Jane Hutton

As I child, I was always drawing, and getting clay out of the basements being dug near my home and " making " things.
After grade 8, I chose to go to the Central Technical Art School in Toronto, as it was reputedly the best in Toronto, even though it was a long way from Etobicoke. Two of our teachers there were Doris McCarthy and Ross Nedeau. I did very well there, but Art became “work” and after 3 full years, the course I intended to take, at the Ontario Collage of Art, was discontinued. So I finished my high school at Etobicoke Collegiate, and eventually became a Physiotherapist, wife and mother.
Pottery continued to be a hobby, first at Central Tech, then several other venues, until finding the Credit Valley Artisans, and I've been there ever since, dabbling in painting and getting my hands dirty in clay.